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Tócame is our vibration today!And it waited for the right moment and the right musicians to collaborate with.Tócame is the latin blood that us, Romanians have in abundence, the "sangre caliente" that needs fire, love, passion and rhythm!The song has been written by Miruna 4 years ago and produced by Soundland half a year ago.Last year we were in Chisinau for a concert and during our staying there we met of course with our friends, Sunstroke Project. They showed us a few songs in the studio and we showed them Tócame.They loved it! We immediately recorded it and started it to work on the production of the track, think about a melodic line for the Epic Sax's sexy saxophone and Antonio's violin.It was funny all the time, because the boys from Sunstroke spoke Russian and we spoke English, but we didn't need to communicate too much through words when our common language was music anyway. We all knew what we had to do and the job was done! Aleluia!We worked on the lyric video with graffician Andrei Grosu who understood exactly what we wanted and knew how to apply our needs in the whole process.It's a summerish song and yeah, we know it's November, but you know what they say, it's always summer somewhere in the world! That's our hope that our track will get far from the European continent, especially since we had such a good feedback everytime.But even if it's autumn where we are, we think it's a sunny, fresh way to bring back summer through this track.So sit back and enjoy Tócame and get sun kissed by its sunny vibes!

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